sábado, 7 de março de 2015

Atividade de conclusão do Curso- FLIPPED Learning

Essa foi uma atividade para conclusão do curso online ministrado pela Ana Maria Menezes

 Title: Is advertising a good or bad things? 
Gruop: 2º ano EM 

Time Frame: 3 classes 

Focus: Coordinating Conjunctions 

Number of students: 18

Week- 03-03-2015 

Aim: The students recognize the topic studied and use it in context. 

TOOLS/ MATERIAL -Promethean boards -linoit.com -mobile phone -student’s book 

Before class: Students have to watch the video was sent.

Video In class They will do the exercises about the topic studied at home. 

 Homework: Write your opinion on the linoit board - Is advertising a good or bad things? ( the mistakes were worked in the classroom) 


Extra activity: Students have to create their own product and a slogan and a jingle for the product. 

Evaluation: Students have to present their work to their classmate. 

Here an example of the product created by one of the groups. 


Slogan: Change your past while you have time. 

 Video: Presentation