quarta-feira, 15 de julho de 2015

English Language at school? Why?

             The English language teaching many time  is questioned for a large number of people who don't get to understand the why is taught it in our schools. Well, the English language was chosen for reaching criterions that come to match with the Brazilian's necessities.
            First  it was chosen a language that was known worldwide;
            Second that offerred to the students a determinated "power"
           Plenty of people have an extremely archaic idea about English teaching of general way. But, they've forgotten that we can't deprive our students of having to get in touch with a new culture without leaving of their country, besides the role of L.E. into schools is bigger than seems to be the "Parametros Curriculares Nacionais (PCN)" leaves clear that besides teaching a new language the L.E helps the students to understand their own language.
            Commentary like our students can't speak eitheir Portuguese, imagine English¹. Then, what language do our students speak? The rights must be protected that it is to have contact with new and different cultures this does part of world in that we live which is a globalized place where only the people most preparation will survive.

¹Oficina de Linguística Aplicada. Luiz Paulo da Moita Lopes.

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