quinta-feira, 16 de julho de 2015

Legally Blond - Atividade de Present Continuous Tense

Essa atividade é para o sexto ano do ensino fundamental II, eu elaborei quando ministrava aula nesse grupo.

Scene 3
1.Who opens the door?
2.What is Elle wearing?
3.What color is it?
4.Is Warner wearing jeans and T-shirt?
5.Where are they talking about?
6.What are they drinking?
7.What are there on the table?
8.Who is wearing a white shirt and black tie and trousers?
9.How many couples arte looking at them?
10.What's the man behind Elle holding?

Scene 25

11.How many vans are ther in front of the courtroom?
12.What color is the woman's hat?
13.Is there a flag in the courtroom?
14.What's the man's profession?
15.What's the lawyer wearing?
16.Who is wearing colorful shirt?
17.Who holds Brooke's arm?
18.What color is Elle's mobile phone?
19.What is there on the wall behind the people?

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